Friday, January 29, 2010

Antique Vanity

     I spotted this antique vanity in my grandmother's (the same grandma I got the drawer blank to build my jewelry box from) garage this summer. Isn't it cool? Apparently she painted it for my mom and her sister when they were little. It has a mirror too, but I didn't get a picture of that. It was white, and I'm planning on painting it white again, but for some reason I started stripping it. I really really REALLY wish someone would have told me that I should have just painted over it, but oh well. It is mostly stripped and I am going to just sand the rest of it. I don't know about which color white to use though. Should I use a pure white, or an off-white, or...? A good friend of mine came over and helped me work on it some more last weekend. Hopefully we can work on it some more later on! It's so much more fun when somebody is out there to talk to!
     It has a mirror that attaches to the top of the vanity, but I think it is just a tad bit too old fashined for my taste. So I am planning on finding an oval mirror instead. I'm keeping my eye on craigslist! :D Something similar the last picture. 
     Another thing I am wanting to do to this desk is add a drawer right behind the front panel. It's kind of a pipe dream, but we'll see! :D It's hollow behind there so I don't THINK it would be too hard. Of course....I didn't think stripping it would be too hard either. ha! Oh well, live and learn. Additionally, I am wanting to add dividers to a drawer, preferabbly the one in the middle, but otherwise it could be one of the top side drawers. I want to build dividers like I posted in my inspiration post earlier.
    One another note, it has been snowing/icing/sleeting all day today, so I hope to get a bunch of creative things done! I've almost finished Butterick 4919, all I have left is to sew on the hooks/eyes and hem it! And maybe add some lace to the bodice for modesty....I haven't decided yet. :)
     Oh, and cupcakes! My brother and I just finished baking some cupcakes that are due for some filling some time today!

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