Friday, June 20, 2008


I was tagged by Sourpatch
The rules:
1) Answer all the questions honestly
2) Tag at least three people
When was the most recent time you were burned?
Okay, I finally came up with something. I burnt my tongue on hot chocolate from Mcdonald's on the way home from Washington D.C. You know what they say about how hot Mcdonald's coffee is, well the same holds for their hot chocolate. It was really good though.
Can you cook?
If yes, name your specialties
Lasagna (aagghhh, there's more, there really is, I just can't think of anything)
If yes, do you like to cook?
It's okay, I don't really enjoy it, unless of course I'm cooking for a guest, then I enjoy it. This is more of Elana's specialty
If no, do you want to be able to cook?
What color is your kitchen?
Green and White Plaid with a Red Apple border and White cabinets
Do you bake?
If yes, specialties (max 3).
Brownie with whipped cream and chocolate pudding, peanut butter cookies, (something else, but I can't think of it right now)
If yes, do you like to bake?
I do like to bake. That's kind of my thing.
If no, do you want to bake?
What color is your apron?
My apron is PINK! What other color would it be? :)
I tag: There's really nobody else to tag. I could tag Bryce I guess, but I don't think he'd appreciate it. :) (Bryce, let me know!)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We're Back

So we got back about midnight on Saturday. I had a really good time, I made some friends, and I got to see all the monuments and memorials. It was very interesting. Yesterday, we went canoeing. None of us kids have ever been canoeing before. Mom and I were together, Elana and Lysa were together, and Zachary was with one of the park rangers.We were getting pretty close to the end when the ranger in the front yelled back to be careful since there was a snake on one of the overhanging branches that was at roughly the same height as our faces. Elana and Lysa were ahead of us, and before I knew it, Elana was yelling "Turn Lysa. Lysa, turn" Anyway the were headed right underneath it and Elana was in front. She is terrified of snakes, so she jumped out. Yep, that's right, she jumped out. She quickly hopped back in the canoe. The snake had also fallen in the water. Then right after that, Mom and I ran up on a sand bank in the middle of the river. The current wasn't really strong at all on the whole river, but that was the strongest part. I guess she was leaning over to try to push us off, but we both ended up flipping over. Thankfully it was pretty shallow. The canoe was filled with water, the ranger told us how to flip it, but I couldn't hardly stand up in the first place, let alone flip the canoe. It still had a bunch of water, but he said it would probably be alright. Oh yeah, I lost my paddle, too. So our canoe was a little less than half full of water, and only Mom had a paddle. If we leaned in one direction hardly at all, the boat would lurch that way. We ended up pulling over to the side with the ranger, and he helped Mom flip it again. That time it actually worked and there wasn't any water in the canoe. So anyways, it was fun, except for falling out.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Early Bird Activities

So the day after the tug-of-war, Wednesday, we went to meet our representatives and take a picture of the capitol building. That was pretty interesting. We also got to go to the Library of Congress and ride the metro (subway). Then we went to the mall :rolls eyes:. All but three of us wanted to go shopping, so they looked around, and we sat down and cracked funnies. Mason is hilarious! Alrighty, the next morning: I'm on the Healthy Living Committee, one of the things we have to do is get up and be on the front lawn for "Early Bird Activities" at 6:30 in the morning. Hardly anyone outside the committee showed up, and even then, that wasn't the whole committee. Then we went to the zoo. That was pretty uninteresting, especially compared to the Memphis Zoo. I was pretty disappointed! Then we had lunch and then there was a town hall meeting, where we broke into groups and discussed controversial issues. There are definitely some, ah, interesting people in the world. Then we got really dressed up (I love getting dressed up!) and went to the play Shear Madness. I wouldn't recommend it, it had a lot of innuendos in it. It also had a queer guy in it (He was the source of most of the innuendos). Anyway, it was kind of funny. What was really funny though, was looking down the row at Mason and seeing him either recoiling in horror, or his mouth would be wide open with shock. Then we went and ate at 600 which is a restaurant at the water gate hotel. That was really good! Today, we are going to get pictures of the white house and some other stuff. I am so exhausted, that I think I'm about ready to go home. It's going to be hard leaving though. Mason left at 4 this morning, so that was really sad, since he provides most of our entertainment on the trip. There's also going to be a talent show tonight. Jessica is going to clog.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Tug-of-war was, ahh, interesting. Yeah, interesting. There's only like 4 or 5 guys in our whole delegation, so the some of the girls ended up doing it. I wasn't going to, but we only had 9 people so I helped. It was pathetic. The other team was almost all guys. The trick to tug-of-war is to jerk the rope over and over. We lost, it was pretty pathetic. Before that though, we had a water fight, and that was fun. Except getting hit between the shoulder blades with a water balloon isn't exactly pleasant, especially when it doesn't have enough air in it, meaning it doesn't pop properly. Anyway, we got pretty wet. Then that night we had meetings and dinner (my favorite part of the day) then we played cards for a while. That was fun. Anyways, curfew is in 5 minutes, so I got to go.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mt. Vernon and Memorials

So yesterday morning, we went to Mt. Vernon. That was really exciting, it was fancier than Monticello. It was really hot though. Then we went to our meeting :roll eyes:. First we talked about some current bills, then we talked about the farm bill. That is going to be our main focus. The problem is, that only one person in the room really knows what it's about. (Not me:)) Then we went to our Committee Workshops. Mine is called Healthy Living. We give our state the weather report and a healthy tip. Then the committee worked on the derby. The derby is not for horses! We are going to play water games, volleyball, capture the flag, and then were going to play tug-of-war, state vs. state. We are going to have a maximum of 10 people per team, since Nebraska has like 70 people and we only have about 30. You can have as many teams as you want though. Then we went to the war memorials, I can't remember them all, but one of them was the Lincoln memorial. That was interesting, except we were out until 11:30 at night. We were so tired. Then my friends and I decided to meet for breakfast at 7:00. That didn't work too well. My alarm was set for 6:30, but I didn't even realize it was going off until 6:38! I felt really bad, since my roommates didn't want to get up that early. Only one of the guys woke up in time to eat with me. Anyway that's what I've been doing. I'll post again later probably tonight.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

We're finally here!

Well, we got up early this morning and went to Montecello, the home built by Thomas Jefferson. Montecello is in Virginia. It was pretty neat, it wasn't as big as I thought it would be though. Then we drove for three more hours (after two to get to Montecello) to get to D.C. So anyways, we are finally at the 4-H center. It is pretty nice, it has a cafeteria, game room, and bunk beds:). Everyone is really excited about having their own bed. They also have computers, so I can keep y'all updated when were not about to pass out from lack of sleep. We had to sign up for a committee, one of the options was the talent show audition, but everyone signed up for that one fairly quickly. So anyways, I ended up signing up for the Healthy Lifestyle. (Alright y'all stop your laughter!) Anyways, I think we have to get everyone moving around in the mornings. That shouldn't be too hard, since I am a morning person. We are going to go to Mt. Vernon in the morning. Oh yeah, whenever the say the TN delegation, Jessica is going to go "1, 2, 3" then we're all going to start singing a rousing chorus of Rocky Top!

Washington D.C..... Almost

We're in Staunton, VA! We got to the hotel at about 9 our time last night. I'd been in the bus for 14 hours so far. The hotel is really nice, they had little duckies in the room for us to keep. I have pictures, but can't post them from here. My roomates wanted to talk late last night! It's a good thing I'm a fairly hard sleeper. I got up at 6 this morning, my roomates are still asleep. Alright, today we're going to see Mt. Vernon. Then I'm not sure what were doing. Some of these people are really weird (cue "He's weird" from National Treasure 2 :)), but some of them are really nice. I think we're going to stay in the 4-H center which is renovated dorms, with bunk beds. Yay!!!
P.S. to find out why we are here, check Elana's blog .

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gone fishing......

Actually, gone sightseeing to Washington, DC.

Be back Saturday.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Green Tote Bag

A new post! Alright, I promise, I'm going to try to do better with posting. It frustrates me when other people don't post, but I'm worse than most of them! :) Right now I'm making a blouse from butterick pattern B4457. The fabric is blue, and I am making view "A" (That's the pink one in the picture). It is supposed to have pintucks (that's where you take in the fabric on the outside, so instead of it being smooth you have a crease of sorts in the front), but I don't really care a whole lot for pintucks, so I made darts instead (where you take the fabric into the inside so it's smooth on the outside). So far, I have the collar sewn in and am working on the neckline. Then, comes the dreaded button holes!
Hopefully I can finish this soon. Then maybe I can work on finishing my quilt, or the split skirt, or maybe the blue skirt, or perhaps the pajama pants, or the multiple pincushions that are half finished. Arrggghh! My works-in-progress (WIPs) are taking over! I wish I could finish stuff more quickly! Anyways, I finished that tote bag "E" mentioned. I didn't use a pattern, but I followed the directions in the book Bend the Rules Sewing. It gives dimensions and since everything was a rectangular it worked out fine. The only thing I changed was the pocket size. I had read that it was huge somewhere else, and decided to make it a lot smaller. I can't remember right now exactly how much smaller I made it, but it was quite a bit. The flower and part of the arcs on the front are hand stiched. By the way the outside is made of denim and that green polka dotted material is quilting cotton I got on sale. The lining fabric is just some I had on hand, I have no idea what it is. And it does look better in person and when it's full. And what do y'all think of the stitching? Some people like it sort of messy, but some think it needs to be more precise.

And, (I know, I know, this post is getting really long, but I've got a lot on my mine) I got some quilting magazines at a garage sale and now I really want to start a quilt. The hardest part about quilting has got to be picking the pattern and the fabric! There are so many options!
Okay, I think I'm all talked/typed out. I feel better now!

By the way, the flower in the header picture is a picture that "E" took.