Saturday, January 23, 2010

B.O. Anyone?

     As much as I LOVE this pattern, surely they could have drawn a better illustration! The lady in red looks like she is trying to be as graceful as possible while checking for body odor! Haha! This dress is so pretty though! It looks like a halter from the illustration, but if you look at the line drawings, it actually has a full back. Butterick 4919 is a retro reprint from 1952 :swoon:, but I wonder what the original pattern looks like.....hmm...
    I am making it in a teal polyester satin. It is coming together rather quickly. I think I'm fixing to hit a road block though. I'm not sure where the side seams are supposed to go. Do they just hang loose? I'm not sure. I will try to take pictures of that step and post them as I know others have had the same problem. I think it will be cute though! I thought the neckline might be on the low cut side, but I think it will actually be just right. It has a full circle skirt too!! I'm really excited to finish it up!

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