Monday, January 18, 2010

Vintage Shirtdress....and it's PINK!!!

So I made this dress sometime last year. The pattern is Advance 8365. I got this pattern off ebay. Isn't it lovely? I think I might eventually make another one with the lace and a more subtle fabric. My mom gasped when I brought home the fabric, but I like it! All those buttonholes though....whew. I did bound buttonholes since my machine only does 4 step buttonholes. I think next time I will borrow somebodies machine that does automatic holes. I really like it though, it is - in my mind at least - the epitomy of the 1950's. Soft feminine fabric, full skirt, and fitted bodice. I have a crinoline that I need to tweak to make it work, but I think it will look good with a crinoline too!

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WesternChick said...

i LOVE this dress! Its so cool