Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spring Fever

 I've always wanted to do a post with bullets, so here we go! :D
  • Spring Fever.....I've got it....bad! It's been so cold down here in the south! We've been blessed to get some days over freezing. I can't remember when it's been this cold! We had a snow warning, which down in the south means we buy out the bread and milk department at Kroger. 
  • I wonder if Kroger is paying the weather men?
  • :teeth chatter:
  • I saw my first frozen lake! It was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!!!!!!!!!
  • :teeth chatter again:
  • For some reason I keep making spring dresses even though there is NO way I can wear them right now.
  • This dress is Butterick 5319 with a full lining, gathered bodice, and cute little puff sleeves. :D
  • It's the first fully lined dress I've done! :D Yay!
  • I had to make some alterations to the dress....It was designed for a slightly more :ahem: well-endowed lady! :P So I mostly just took up a total of 3" out of the shoulders. Of course I didn't think to do this until AFTER I got the sleeves sewn on. rgh.
  • Can't you just see this with a cute white or cream cardigan? yummy!
  • Invisible Zippers.....LOVE!!! 
  • Excellent Invisible Zipper tutorial here: 
  • Pockets.....two of them! heehee!
  • School starts again tomorrow. I'm taking a couple Dual Enrollment classes......Calculus I is one of them. I'm really dreading it. :P
  • My cousin wants me to copy off a pattern from his Civil War jacket that he uses for reenacting and make him a new one. 
  • Next project....Butterick 4919. In a teal/turquoise satin. Spring fever...I'm tellin' ya'!

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