Friday, May 29, 2009

Earring Box

After visiting my grandma's garage to pick up a vanity/nightstand (which I need to take pictures of), I found these boxes that I instantly thought would be perfect painted white and used as an earring box! So, I did that, and it turned out pretty cute. It incorporates my earrings (which are my favorite piece of jewelry!) into a piece of art. My sister didn't realize it was to hold earrings until I hung it up! :D Haha! Oh well. Here are the pictures. The full length shot is pretty blurry, but let's just say photography isn't my thing! ;D Anyways, it turned out nice, and I'm pretty tickled with it!
On another note, we opened my grandma's pool Monday, and are looking forward to a weekend of swimming!


MandMStudio said...

Great idea:) I so need one (or two) of these:)

Riece said...

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