Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finger Sewing

And no, I don't mean sewing by hand. At our last 4-H sewing day, we had a girl decide that it wasn't enough to just sew on the fabric! I was standing at her table, helping another girl when I heard her machine stop. I looked over, and she had this panicked look on her face and her finger was under the needle. I kind of softly wailed to Mrs. Debbie. One of the other girls at the table yelped in surprise. Her head snapped up, and she dropped what she was working on and ran to our table. She assessed the situation and started camly giving out orders. She handed me her phone to call her mom. When I got back she needed the screwdriver. Apparently, she unscrewed the needle (it was in the down position) and held onto it with the hemostats (surgical clamp thingies) while rolling the wheel up. Then she told the girl to look at somebody and she pulled it out really quick. Apparently, it hit her fingernail and broke and slid at an angle away, but still through her thumb. It went all the way through, but it was just about a 1/8-1/4" in from the tip of her thumb. Anyways, that was our scare for the day. And all that happened after we had a safety talk in which we mentioned not to get too close to the needle. It wasn't the girls fault, though. It could've happened to anybody. So, who has actually done this? I plan on avoiding this if at all possible. These sewing machines are dangerous though! I had a little, tiny fragment of a needle hit the white part of my eye the other day while free motion quilting. So, safety goggles are in order next time I free motion quilt.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I love the new feature on Blogspot called Followers! It's great to see who follows your blog. Although I do know that some family members follow our blogs that do not have usernames. So, they're not incredibly accurate, but if you could "follow" this blog, the link is a little on down the line there.


Amigurumi is a Japanese word for knitted stuffed toy. They can be crocheted though, too. I crocheted an elephant and a penguin following a pattern off of the Lion Brand website. They turned out pretty cute. I'm giving both of them to a couple of friends.

On another note, my fabric swap package arrived the other day, and I will (hopefully) take pictures and post about that soon.

Also, has anyone every appliqued or decorated a hoodie or sweatshirt before? I was thinking it woul be neat to do some for the forestry senior team, but I've never pictures of one before.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here's a wordle based off my blog. They take the words you use most often and arrange them. Supposedly, the bigger the word, the more you use it, but I don't think that's true. Anyways, you can make your own here: Wordle.net