Friday, December 31, 2010

Circle Skirt Inspiration

Have you seen the skirts that Rosie’s Whimsy makes? They’re so pretty! Makes me want to make one right now.
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All the images are from her etsy store where you can buy one if you want! Or she shares a tutorial for how to make one here. These would be so cute made in a heavier weight fabric for winter! With some cute tights and boots.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Steam Punk…ish

Aren’t these cute in a weird sort of way? I think they’re what you call steam punk. But I have no idea! I think they’re neat, although I would never wear 2


Both Images from

Monday, December 27, 2010

Piano Bench Recover

Our piano bench was really bothering me. It was a ‘70’s blue floral fabric. Which didn’t fit with our d├ęcor at all! So I decided to recover it. I looked at this tutorial to get a starting place.DSCF7047 I knew I wanted to tuft it, so I measured and drilled 2 holes in the wood so I could get a needle through it. Then I added some extra foam and some batting and stapled that down. I used 1/4” staples, but longer would have definitely been better! I had to cover with the fabric twice. As the first time I did not get it centered the first time. The tufting was a little difficult. I DSCF7048covered buttons and had to get a long needle. The hard part was finding the hole in the wood on the way back through. I used some upholstery thread I had and knotted it onto a button to keep it from coming through the hole.If I had to do it again I would make the holes probably 1/2” instead. I think it turned out really cute though and definitely spruces the entry up!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Centerpiece - 2010

Our Grandparents were coming in for the first Christmas in awhile and I wanted to do something special to decorate the table. I found a lot of inspiration around the web just by googling Christmas Centerpiece. DSCF7039

This is what we started with. My family and I went to Goodwill and the Goodwill Bargain Barn and picked up about $8 worth of decorations.



DSCF7040In Progress





DSCF7041Finished Project. I don’t like this picture, but it shows the different lamp shades.  DSCF7042DSCF7044






Our Charlie Brown Tree. Smile








All in all I think it was a smashing success! Everybody thought it was cute, and I was tickled with it.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I did:

  • Hang ornaments using clear thread
  • Switch out shades for a lighter color to lighten things up
  • Placed a couple of drops of Cinnamon Oil on 2 lightbulbs to make things smell good.
  • Piled ornaments in a hurricane-ish vase. (I got that for $1!!)
  • Made 3 white trees from cottonballs using this tutorial: A Fanciful Twist
  • Placed tea lights in canning jars floating in water. Made a really cute effect!
  • Clipped some evergreen from the yard to add some greenery.
  • Tried to keep things in groups of 3

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Long time no see…

It’s been a long time! Too long really. I have continued crafting, but school has taken its toll on my bloggy time. I’m excited to start back up again. I plan on typing out lots of blog posts during my break and releasing them slowly. So check back for new stuff!


This is a pencil pouch that was born of necessity. I throw it in my backpack when I leave for school. I made it from NoodleHead’s Tutorial. It turned out beautifully! I really like the touch that the contrasting zipper adds. I can’t wait to make more.