Sunday, May 15, 2011

Banquet Dress – Part 4 – Finished


It’s finished and over. Smile Yay! So much stress to finish!!

Here’s how it ended up:

  • 3 Layers in the skirt. 2 of chiffon and one of satin.
  • Each layer was two complete circles. (If you need an explanation on how I did this, just let me know!)
  • The neckline was a sweetheart neckline
  • Bodice was lined in cotton
  • The back neckline was round and swooped down as low as I could get it and still wear my normal bra with it.
  • The sash was made of chiffon and covered up the unsightly waist.
  • I added a waist stay on the inside and I think that helped so much!
  • I did a rolled hem on the bottom, although I wish I had gotten some wooly nylon to do that instead.
  • I made my own facings for the neckline and arms.
  • The flowers were made by burning chiffon and satin and tulle.
  • One of the chiffon layers was a different color, but it worked out okay.
  • If you make a dress like this, you’re gonna have some trouble getting enough fabric. I had to accumulate this fabric over several weeks. Waiting for coupons to come out and such.
  • Even with coupons, it was still pretty expensive, I’m scared to total everything up…maybe I won’t. Smile heehee.
  • I made his tie as well. I used the pattern from the Purl Bee. I think it adds a nice touch.
  • It was fun to dance in. It was fairly low profile until he spun me around. Then it would swish out! fun!