Friday, January 1, 2010

Brown Dress part 2

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!!!!! Hopefully 2010 will be a productive happy year for everyone!    I just thought that I would throw out what I was thinking about to clarify. My sister didn't understand it when I was telling her hopefully this will help. I am going to be adding a bodice to make it into a different dress, I am just not sure how to do it yet. 
Option 1  -- Make the bodice out of cotton....not sure about the styling.
Option 2 -- Sew-in a tank top for the bodice (illustrated in pic on left)
Option 3 -- Sew-in a tank top, but add flutter sleeves in a brown eyelet fabric
Option 4 -- Option 4 is somewhere in my head....I just haven't found it yet. ;)
I'm gonna set up a poll on the side for everyone to vote. Or you could chime in with your opinion! :D

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