Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vintage Pattern Jackpot!

    So this past weekend my mom and I visited a couple of thrift shops. The first one we went to literally had pathways that were more narrow than my hips are. We were all walking sideways through the store. And the stuff was stacked almost all the way to the ceiling! It was kind of scary. Anyways, at the end my mom asked about vintage patterns and they said they had some in the back for $0.25!!! I was SOO excited! I got all the '50s patterns they had.
    I really like this pattern ^^. I think it is cute. I don't know that I could pull of the neck tie, but I think I'll give it a shot!
      This pattern ^^ is for a nightgown. I wear pajama pants to bed, so I won't be needing this one. I might use it for a jumping off point for a vintage slip. I am thinking about making some slips to sell....
      I was really excited about this pattern ^^. I've always wanted a pair of '50s gloves, and now I can make some! I'm not sure about the sizing, I THINK they are a medium, but I am not positive how to measure my hand though...I'll figure it out!
     I'm the most excited about this one ^^. I've never had a vintage skirt pattern before, and I especially like this one. I was looking at the back of the pattern earlier and it calls for lace and netting, but no liner, so I don't know what is up with that, but I can always wear a slip with it. I think it should be pretty fun to make...and quick.
     All those for 50 cents! Can you believe it? I was super excited!

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