Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Planning!!!

Well, today we had a snow day. We got about 3" of snow. (I know, I know, I can just hear everybody in the north laughing, but that's a lot for down here!) School was canceled so we had to find something to occupy ourselves. Last weekend it iced, so I got to plan a menu last week. It worked really well, and I felt really good about it! So today I sat down and designed another menu!

I love planning menus! I like to cook anyways, so this just gives me an excuse!
I wrote out the plan by hand last week, but this week I typed it up in a fancy font. :D I love it! :D Once I printed it out I also drew some hearts and some squiggles on it too.
And yes, just in case you are wondering, it does say "forage" on there. My mom doesn't like to cook, and we all lose incentive when my dad isn't home for dinner. So on the nights he works, I don't even bother to plan anything since we won't cook it anyways. We can eat leftovers or sandwiches or something. So, in case you can't see/read the menu, this is what we are having this week:
    - Forage
    - Bacon Wrapped Chicken in Crockpot with French Fries (that I got on sale last week for a $1 a bag) and a Vegetable
    - Forage
    - Crockpot Roast (or pork chops, I'm gonna check the sales), bread machine rolls, mashed potatoes, and a vegetable.
    - Hamburgers, macaroni and cheese (but i'm gonna add some bacon like her fancy macaroni recipe), and a vegetable (lima beans)
    -  Firehouse Enchiladas (I think I'm gonna use red enchilada sauce this time, just to mix things up a bit)
   - Pizza....probably frozen. :) heehee!

So, I enjoy doing that! It was fun, and now I am looking forward to making dinners this week! On another note, don't you just H.A.T.E. it when you start a recipe and run out of ingredients in the middle of it! AGH! I realized after I started mixing ingredients that I couldn't find the sprouted legs and walked off I guess. So I borrowed some from my grandma, and got back home all excited to finish up the most amazing brownies ever! And then I realize we are out of eggs. Rgh. oh well. Maybe tomorrow....

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