Monday, December 29, 2008


While surfing the blog world, I ran across several tutorials about making silhouettes. After thinking about it, I decided that would make a great gift for my mom! So, I took profile pictures of Elana, Zachary, and myself. Then I edited them in a photo editing program to remove the background and make them one color. Then I turned the pictures gray and printed them out on card stock. After that I cut out all the details and framed them. I think that usually it's a black silhouette on a white background, but I decided to reverse that. Mine is a white silhouette on a black background. Dad did a really good job picking out the frames! Mom LOVED them! Apparently she has always wanted some of these. We hung them up on the wall that's on the side of the stairs Christmas night. Elana gave dad a frame that has three slots with black and white portraits of all of us. I think we decided to put it up underneath the silhouettes. I think the silhouettes really look like us, although Zachary wasn't happy that I put his "chicken feathers" in there. (That's what we call the little hair on the back top of his head that sticks straight up no matter how much you brush it.) Anyways, I'm thinking I could make these to sell. People could email me a profile picture of their kids and I'll do the work and maybe frame them, but definitely mat them. What do you think? Would that work?

Here's a closeup of Zachary's. I had to do his twice because I cut off his eyelashes! :) The white thing in the bottom is our window. I couldn't find a way to get that off.


MSM said...

What an awesome idea this was! They look fantastic.

Were they very hard to do? The cutting?

Mary said...

Those look awesome! You did a great job. I like the white on black.

TattingChic said...

Wow! Your silhouettes turned out beautifully! I love them. You did a great job! thanks for the compliment about the angel. It sounds like you have a "Boye" brand steel shuttle. It works fine. Bobbin shuttles are my favorite kind of shuttle to use, actually. I used the boye steel bobbin shuttles for years, until I discovered some plastice bobbin shuttles with an even littler hook on it! It's PERFECT when working with the larger threads like size size 40-size 10. However when you start working with the tinier threads like size 100-size 50 you want to grab a steel crochet hook that is 0.4 mm (best for size 80 or size 100) to size 0.9 mm to assist you in joins so that the larger crochet hook doesn't distort the design. My favorite plastic bobbin shuttle is called and "Aero". Many merchants have caught onto the Aero's popularity and charge ridiculous prices for them like $4-$7 USD for them. I do not have too many of them for that reason! So I get the Aero-knockoffs at lace shows for about $3 or the Susan Bates brand plastic bobbin shuttle (it also has a small crochet hook on the end) for $2-$3. I really wouldn't recommend spending too much more on a plastic shuttle or it's a totall rip-off! Hope that has helped!
It doesn't really matter if you use bobbin or post shuttles. Bobbins are my favorite because you can wind a bunch of whatever thread you need on them when making a large project and you can pop the full bobbin in the shuttle and take the empty bobbin out when needed instead of winding a shuttle each time it empties.

Capturing Today said...

These turned out very well - what a unique gift!

Here's a website you might want to preview if you are thinking about offering these:

Corrie said...

Those are great. What a fun idea. Good idea to sell them too.