Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pretty Picture and WIP

This is a really neat picture! Of course, I'm a bit biased since my little sister took it, but oh well. It's still a good picture! I can't believe she takes these with a point and shoot! It's amazing. I have the same camera, and I can't get these kind of results with mine.

We got back Saturday night from Fort Smith. That was where the robotic competition was held. We won 1st pace in the t-shirt competition, but we placed 17th overall. It was a lot fun, even though it was a grueling three days! I got to stay in my fancy black dress all day since I didn't have a chance to change into anything else. I even wore it to robot check in! Those heels just about killed me though! :-) I felt really young though since most of the other "kids" were seniors in high school. A lot of them were 19 years old! I was so sick of junk food, that I just wanted a big salad. If you ever go to Cracker Barrel, I highly recommend their BLT salad with ranch dressing. It was SO good!!!!

Okay, onto the WIP (Work In Progress). I can't remember if I mentioned this, but I'm working on a color wheel quilt from the book Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. It's off to a good start, I have all the color pieces put together and have started chain piecing them together. I'm hoping to make this a stash quilt, but I think I'm going to get some white for the top. I think that I'm also going to put some more of the white on there to make it look good on a twin bed. Okay, scratch that, I just looked up the dimensions for a twin size quilt, and I think that might be kind of complicated. So, I'll just make it the regular 56" square. I might hang it on the wall instead. Or, I might leave it in a circle shape, and make a rug out of it. I don't know yet, do y'all have any ideas? I will try to post pictures when I get back home (I'm at the library now).

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sourpatch said...

That sounds funny, "little sister"... I was thinking more like just "sister". :D