Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Color Wheel Quilt Issues!

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I got it all pieced together, I even bought some white background fabric last night. It won't lay flat though! I thought I was pretty accurate with my seam allowances, but maybe some of them got off? I'm not really sure what to do to fix it, here are my ideas.
1.) Hope it fixes itself during quilting
2.) Alter a few key pieces - If I do this, I will free motion quilt it on the inside of the quilt and then outline the colors along the lines. Since I won't be altering the outside diameter, I could still have lines coming out, or I might free motion on the outside as well.
3.) Take a slightly bigger seam allowance on each and every piece. This would take forever, but it might be the best option.
I don't know what to do! Argghh!!! I thought this quilt was supposed to be easy!

Let me know what y'all think! I would really like to get this project finished up.

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