Thursday, July 3, 2008

My quilt is finished!

I finally finished my denim quilt. This is the before picture layered on top of the batting and the backing (yes the backing is under there!) The next two pictures are after the quilting and binding (that's the edge). I quilted it with cowboy boots, hats, and some horseshoes. I printed those out on a manila folder and punched holes in it. Then, I placed the design where I wanted it and stamped it with baby powder I just so happened to have in a sock. :) It got pretty thick upstairs while I was doing it, but it didn't take that long. I finished the edge the next day. It is really heavy which is a plus, since my family likes heavy quilts/blankets the best. I need to make a quilt label to sew onto the back. I also finished a chicken pincushion the other day, but am having difficulty getting the pictures to turn out, I'll see if I can't get Elana to take some pictures when she gets back from her vacation with friends.

On another note, we had the 4-H Honor Club picnic the other day. We grilled out and played baseball. The night before, Mikey and I made oreo balls. They are ground up oreos with cream cheese and dipped in chocolate. They are so good! If anyone wants the recipe, let me know. My oldest cousin and my grandma came to the picnic as well. His visit included going to Kroger for cheese dip at 12:00 p.m. and then talking until 2 in the morning, but it was fun. I fell asleep almost as soon as he left. We were out in the sun a good bit, and my arms are sunburnt. Oh, then Zach's b'day was tuesday. He is now officially in the double digits! He got a bow and arrow for his birthday. He was really excited.

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MSM said...

Finishing something is SUCH a good feeling!