Friday, July 18, 2008

CD Case and Coffee Cozy

So I started a CD case the other day, since some of my schoolwork is going to be on DVDs this coming year I might as well have something cute to put them in. I embroidered my name on the front after getting Elana to write it out on a piece of paper. (Ok, ok, I admit it, her penmanship is MUCH better, she freehanded that name, and it looked like I printed it.) I lined the cd slots with satin (gotta baby those cds ;)) I probably wouldn't do that, since it was hard to sew and I couldn't get the edges really squared up like I wanted. The top fabric of the cd slots are some of my favorites that are once again in the stash. The denim for the front was stash fabric as well. If I had to do it again, I would do the closure differently, probably a loop of elastic that fit over the button. I like the ribbon though, it is very girly! :) I made the pattern up myself since I couldn't find one I liked online. I could post a tutorial if anyone wants one. Anywho, I'll probably make one for Elana and Zach. Do you think anyone would be these? I could make some to put on etsy.
Next in line, I made a coffee cozy sort of from the tutorial here. I altered it a little bit, but basically kept the same measurements. Mom picked out the lining fabric, since it is for her, but I like it too. And I still have a lot of scrap!! YAY!!! I embroidered her name upside down the first time and didn't realize it until I had the whole thing sewn together. I had to rip it out and do it again, but it turned out alright, and I'll know better next time. We don't really drink Starbucks around here, so I made it to go around Mom's regular coffee cup (her favorite one of course). It's insulated to keep out the heat, or cold, whichever you like to drink. I can make one (or several) of these for those of you that are local if you want. I can do it for free if you buy the fat quarter and a matching button and let me keep the scraps. I think I might list these on etsy as well. Sorry these pictures are blurry, I'll see if I can get Elana to take better ones later.


Sarah said...

I love the CD case you made! If you have the time, I would love to see a tutorial for it. I can think of several people in my life who would LOVE a CD case like the one you made!

MSM said...

Yeah, the CD case is awesome! Very practical but more fun and unique than anything I've ever seen.

Des said...

That CD case is about the cutest thing I've seen!! What a great idea!! I just think you can come up with all the ideas in the world for all the places we need to see and touch more fabric! Who would have thought....CD case? not me. FAbulous!