Thursday, July 31, 2008

4-H Fair!! and a finished purse! Yay!!

Finally, a new post! I've been sooo busy this past week or so! We had the 4-H craft fair, which always stresses our family to our limits. We know that, but we still do it every year?!?! Oh well. One of the things that I entered was this purse from the Amy Butler book In Stitches. I recently bought some of that gorgeous Dick and Jane fabric because, well, just because! I matched the other fabric to the color of the words. This picture definitly doesn't do it justice. Something is seriously lacking in my photgraphy skills. Of course, maybe that's why Elana is the photographer and I'm not? :) So, that lasted for 2 days, then we had the forestry workshop (yep, we went out in the woods in 103 degree weather!) and then, we had a tour of a local university's engineering department. So yeah, it's been a long week and it's not even over yet!! We have meetings from 12-5 tomorrow. Saturday is looking really good right now! But anyways, back to the purse, if I did it again, I would make it a lot shorter (1/3-1/2 shorter) and probably stiffer. But, I do like just about everything else about it. Now, I can finally finish up some of my UFOs (UnFinished Objects)! I really want to finish some stuff before starting another project. I don't know if that will happen though. :)


Mary said...

I gave you an award on my blog!

Nice purse, really cute.

MSM said...

Love this purse!