Friday, January 14, 2011

Ruffly Petticoat Slip

IMG_0067I have an unreasonable desire for my skirts to be full and sorta fluffy. I have an April Cornell slip that I really like. It is really thin and works well under all my skirts. However, it is a full slip and doesn’t work so nicely with all of my tops. I had made a long half slip for my banquet dress awhile back and decided. Here it is altered.

I started with a sketch (I’ll spare you the sketch…it was quite rudimentary). I ended up cutting strips of muslin and just sewing them straight onto the skirt without finishing the edges. I didn’t gather them first either, I just kinda bunched the strips up as they went under the presser foot.


Of course not finishing the edges produced this when I washed it.

IMG_0069It had a waistband, but it came up too high, so I cut it off and made a new one out of the muslin. I had to pleat the slip to get it to fit onto the waistband. I suppose I could have gathered it, but pleats don’t add as much bulk in the wrong spot.

I also added a couple rows of pintucking at the bottom to help with the length issue. Those are kinda hard to see, but they’re there!

IMG_0071For the closure I just stitched on a button and added a couple of button holes. I am SOOO pleased with my new machine (which I just realized I haven’t blogged about yet…whoops) and it’s button hole feature! I think it’s a one-step. In that you line everything up and push the pedal til it’s done. The button that you are using gets put into the foot itself so it knows how long to make it and everything. I made 2 perfect buttonholes on my first try! :giggle:

It works well under my skirts and adds a nice bit of floof without looking ridiculous. It really helps keep me warm too!

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