Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hem Marker Tutorial…sorta

     Hemming has always been my absolute least favorite thing to do! It’s hard to mark on your own, and then it takes forever to pin and forever again to sew. But I think I have found a solution! I wasn’t sure how to use the flappy thing on my dress form, but ran across this post by the Cupcake Goddess. So I decided to give it a shot. Mine is a little different, but it’s the same basic principle. Mark where you want the hem to hang.
DSCF7080Then adjust your marker arm to the correct height. I would recommend that you take note of which number it rests on. I had trouble with mine sliding a little, but this was easily kept in check by making sure it was on the same number. DSCF7081
Then just place your fabric between the 2 plastic sticks and your pin can go through the notched DSCF7082edge.
Somehow it bunches the fabric just right so that it goes through easily and catches twice to prevent DSCF7083the pin from sliding out. It worked really well!
DSCF7084Really takes the guess work out of it.
     I especially tend to get my skirts shorter in the back because of derrière. But I think this will help. Although it wouldn’t work as well if the dress form is not almost the same size. I think mine is close enough to make it work. I can’t wait to make another skirt now!

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