Sunday, January 23, 2011

Banquet Dress – Part 1 – Design


The banquet rolls around once a year. And once it’s over I immediately start thinking about next year’s dress. We swing dance at the banquet, so it is imperative that I can dance in the dress. I ran across this dress from Refugee Crafter:Swing1

It’s gorgeous! Based on that, here is the sketch I came up with:IMG_0092[1]

My version has:

  • Boat Neckline
  • Fully Lined Bodice (probably cotton)
  • Princess Seaming
  • A full circle skirt (the more I look at my inspiration, the more I think it is 2 circles around)
  • Chiffon on top (Inspiration has 4 layers in skirt)
  • Taffeta underneath
  • Rolled Hem with Serger for Skirt edge
  • Either full length or tea length. This is probably gonna depend on what size taffeta/chiffon I can find
  • Waist Stay


  • Beading around neckline
  • chiffon sleeves
  • Possible chiffon layer on bodice too, if it needs it
  • Triple ribbons on upper layer of skirt
  • Boning?
  • Decide on lining for skirt – synthetic or cotton?

That’s what I have so far. Things might change. We’ll see. :)

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