Sunday, August 22, 2010

Skirt Sew-Along…of sorts

My Aunt, Cousin, and I are planning on making the Saturday Market Skirt this week before school starts. I have been thinking about it…and I think it could be made with fat quarters!

 Saturday Market Skirt - Blue

By my calculations it would take 14 Fat Quarters for one skirt. Plus fabric for the waistband. That’s not too bad. If fat quarters are $1.50 each…then that would mean that the skirt would cost about $21. Which really isn’t bad at all for a full length custom skirt.

I’m also thinking that I am going to add a zippered waist band. I have some skirts that I’ve made in the past that fit nicely and have a lined yoke with a zipper. I just don’t look good in elastic (who does really?) so I think this will be a good option for me. We shall see! I’m so excited about doing a project with somebody else too!!

(click on picture for source :) )

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