Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Great Closet Makeover!!!

 This is my closet before...pathetic, isn't it? I am on a rampage to get my room cleaned up during the summer. It's terribly unorganized and stuff was EVERYWHERE!! Now in my defense, I had already started cleaning out stuff, so some of this stuff isn't normally there. 
 The dreaded fabric shelf. (and yes, that's the crinoline I was working on, never finished it...something about it just isn't right...too poofy...lopsided...ugh)
 And walla! The after! Much better, right? I still have to get some hangars for like 12 skirts, and I should really clean out a few of the hanging clothes, but I'm happy with it! I think it looks really good! I hope I can keep it up...
 Fabric shelf after. Mom had a couple of plastic boxes that she let me use. One has my out-of-season clothes and the other has the majority of my fabric in it. Very heavy, but it looks a lot better!
This is the side shelf...and you'll just have to take my word for looks a lot better now!

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