Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hanging Pictures....Finally!!!

     So we have been in our house for almost 2 years. And we have 6 pictures on the wall....6!!! So...our walls have looked like this for 2 years! I's depressing, isn't it? Very uninteresting. We had all of our frames crammed into a closet.
     So...being the over-achiever that I am, I decided to pull out all the frames and paint them and hang them.
     It's proving to be a little bit bigger job than I thought! I feel like I'm drowning in picture frames. Anyways, for the living room I cut the frames out of newspaper and taped those on the wall to check for placement and stuff.
     Once I got those how I liked it I spray painted almost all of our frames with Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint (which I LOVE). Then mom helped me finalize some pictures and put those in. Dad helped me to hang them.
     I think it looks fantastic! It makes the house feel much more homey! I can't wait to get the others hung. I think we will paint the kitchen frames white, but other than that, I haven't decided on paint colors for the rest of them. We'll see. :)
     The cross in the center really gives it a focal point. The table still needs a lot of work...I am thinking a cream colored runner and then some accessories on top. We used to keep about 20 frames on that table, but I don't think it looks so good like that.

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