Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fabric Folding & Craft Room Organization Part 1

image from turning turning

image from turning turning

image from craft blog
So one of my main goals before school starts is to get my room and my craft nook organized. I have never been very good at keeping said nook organized. It's time for a clean sweep though. The first thing I think I will tackle is organizing the fabric. I think it needs to be folded all the same and organized somehow. And all the small stringy bits need cut off.
I am going to decide on one single fabric folding strategy (click the pictures for links). I think that will help me to stay organized!

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Jessica said...

I got some of that plastic quilting template stuff and cut a rectangle to fit my shelves perfectly . Then I used that to fold all my fabric with. It works great and ensures that I can fit as much as possible on the shelves and that all the fabric is consistent.

I think it is called "ruler folding" but I just made my own ruler.