Sunday, July 11, 2010

Colette Patterns - Chantilly - Take 3

 So I bought this fabric for the Chantilly Dress. It's cotton gauze and I got it for $2/yd. However, I wasn't happy with the color at all. And my mom didn't like it very much either. So I got interested in discharging with bleach. There is a very helpful article: here.
So last night I decided to do a test strip of the plum fabric and another orange fabric someone gave me. I also tested another vibrant pinkish fabric that I had, but I knew wasn't cotton. The bleach had a wonderful effect on the plum cotton gauze and the orange fabric, but not on the pink cotton blend fabric. I'm not sure why. :P
So after digging through the tupperware cabinet I found an old glass jar with a metal lid that I could punch holes into. I poured the bleach into there and shook it out like a salt/pepper shaker. It worked really well. I know they say to not use full strength bleach, but I wasn't getting a response with it diluted. I stopped the reaction by dunking it in a bucket of water and peroxide. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and then put both pieces of fabric into the washer machine.

 Here are the results! The purple fabric ended up with whitish/pinkish dots.
The orange fabric now has yellow spots! I am really pleased with how they both turned out. I cut out the dress today and have begun sewing. Hopefully I can get it done in time! Just 2 more days. :P ack! I am thinking about not lining the skirt...we'll see.
Some notes about the pattern: the different sizes are sometimes hard to determine with all the lines. The darts were next to impossible to figure out. Careful analyzing them helped. I had some more things I wanted to say about the pattern, but have forgotten them now. I'll try to remember before I post again.

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