Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We're Back

So we got back about midnight on Saturday. I had a really good time, I made some friends, and I got to see all the monuments and memorials. It was very interesting. Yesterday, we went canoeing. None of us kids have ever been canoeing before. Mom and I were together, Elana and Lysa were together, and Zachary was with one of the park rangers.We were getting pretty close to the end when the ranger in the front yelled back to be careful since there was a snake on one of the overhanging branches that was at roughly the same height as our faces. Elana and Lysa were ahead of us, and before I knew it, Elana was yelling "Turn Lysa. Lysa, turn" Anyway the were headed right underneath it and Elana was in front. She is terrified of snakes, so she jumped out. Yep, that's right, she jumped out. She quickly hopped back in the canoe. The snake had also fallen in the water. Then right after that, Mom and I ran up on a sand bank in the middle of the river. The current wasn't really strong at all on the whole river, but that was the strongest part. I guess she was leaning over to try to push us off, but we both ended up flipping over. Thankfully it was pretty shallow. The canoe was filled with water, the ranger told us how to flip it, but I couldn't hardly stand up in the first place, let alone flip the canoe. It still had a bunch of water, but he said it would probably be alright. Oh yeah, I lost my paddle, too. So our canoe was a little less than half full of water, and only Mom had a paddle. If we leaned in one direction hardly at all, the boat would lurch that way. We ended up pulling over to the side with the ranger, and he helped Mom flip it again. That time it actually worked and there wasn't any water in the canoe. So anyways, it was fun, except for falling out.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I just got back from Washington DC too! I took a trip with my class from school after school got out (it was an optional trip and cost extra). That is cool how you got to go with 4-H. I am REALLY busy doing 4-H projects this summer.


MSM said...

This canoe trip sounds very comical! I bet Zach was glad he was with a ranger! : )