Friday, June 13, 2008

Early Bird Activities

So the day after the tug-of-war, Wednesday, we went to meet our representatives and take a picture of the capitol building. That was pretty interesting. We also got to go to the Library of Congress and ride the metro (subway). Then we went to the mall :rolls eyes:. All but three of us wanted to go shopping, so they looked around, and we sat down and cracked funnies. Mason is hilarious! Alrighty, the next morning: I'm on the Healthy Living Committee, one of the things we have to do is get up and be on the front lawn for "Early Bird Activities" at 6:30 in the morning. Hardly anyone outside the committee showed up, and even then, that wasn't the whole committee. Then we went to the zoo. That was pretty uninteresting, especially compared to the Memphis Zoo. I was pretty disappointed! Then we had lunch and then there was a town hall meeting, where we broke into groups and discussed controversial issues. There are definitely some, ah, interesting people in the world. Then we got really dressed up (I love getting dressed up!) and went to the play Shear Madness. I wouldn't recommend it, it had a lot of innuendos in it. It also had a queer guy in it (He was the source of most of the innuendos). Anyway, it was kind of funny. What was really funny though, was looking down the row at Mason and seeing him either recoiling in horror, or his mouth would be wide open with shock. Then we went and ate at 600 which is a restaurant at the water gate hotel. That was really good! Today, we are going to get pictures of the white house and some other stuff. I am so exhausted, that I think I'm about ready to go home. It's going to be hard leaving though. Mason left at 4 this morning, so that was really sad, since he provides most of our entertainment on the trip. There's also going to be a talent show tonight. Jessica is going to clog.

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