Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu Plan 3/7-3/14

Photo by Miehana

     So it's been a long week! I'm finally on spring break, and I am SOO ready for a break! I worked out in the yard with Dad for 5 solid hours yesterday. I did a total of 26 wheelbarrow loads of mulch all by myself! Needless to say, I am SOOOOO SORE TODAY! I feel like an old woman! Note to self: get more exercise!

     So anyways, I plan to do a good bit of sewing this week....and sleeping! And cooking! I found the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. You can find it on Dash of Sass. I plan on making a couple of batches this week. I found that if you freeze them in a log shape they are extremely hard to cut (maybe because I didn't let it thaw). So I plan on rolling them into balls and "flash freezing" them (freezing uncovered for 10 mins or so and then bagging) instead. Yum yum!

     So this week we have in the freezer:
one meal's worth of chicken
small pot roast
1.5 lbs beef
We also have lots of leftover spaghetti and meatballs left and plenty of uncooked rice. Oh...and noodles...lots and lots of noodles!

Soo....Here's the plan!
Dinner 1: Firehouse Enchiladas (with green sauce this time!)
Dinner 2: Spaghetti (using leftover meatballs)
Dinner 3: Hamburgers and French Fries
Dinner 4: Chicken Quesadillas
Dinner 5: Chicken and Rice in the oven
Dinner 6: Homemade Pizza

And of course the cookies! So that's it for this week!

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