Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Best Cheesecake Ever!....

image from Betty Crocker
     Or at least that's what my dad says. I consider him a definite test of the food that I cook! This cheesecake uses a cake mix for the crust. It's delicious! In the recipe, it says lemon pudding, it is calling for the premade cups of in a pack of 4. They hang on racks near the jello.
     Make sure to let your cream cheese soften ALL the way! I learned that the hard way. I mixed it all in, but it was clumpy, so I decided (genius that I am) to run all the liquid batter through the sifter.....ok, ok, I can hear you laughing from here! Anyways, I don't recommend it! Do as I say, not as I do...please....for your own mental health! ;)
     The cool whip on top is easy and tastes really good. I piped little puffs of it all over the top. Really looks good for presentation.

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