Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tickled Pink

Well, I finished my second quilt! I've decided to name it tickled pink. I think my sister actually came up with that a while back. Anyways, I followed the quilt-along here: OhFransson. It worked out really well. If I were to do something differently, I would probably cut the pieces a little bit bigger so that I could use a larger seam allowance. I think I would also probably invest in a quarter-inch foot. :D Anyways, I LOVE IT! I have it draped over my bed right now.
     I've also recently completed a couple more vintage dresses from the 50s! I'll try to take some pics of them soon.
Thanks to Elana for taking these pictures! If you haven't seen her photos on flickr, you should really go check them out. Here's the link:


Capturing Today said...

I'm so envious - I LOVE IT!

What fabric did you use? I love how the texture looks - it seems similar to a quilt that I have that my great grandmother made and I've always wondered what the fabric is. I'll have to show it to you some time.

Congrats on a beautiful quilt - can't wait to see those dresses!

Capturing Today said...

Had to share this link with you for a patchwork apron - you'll probably love this entire blog, it is one I regularly read - I love it!

One Flew Over said...

Well done! A fantastic looking quilt and I love the name.

Kate said...

I don't know if you're still reading these comments since this post is a couple of months old. But...I saw your post on Oh Fransonn's quilt along tutorial - I clicked on your name and it led me to your blog. Your finished quilt looks AMAZING! I read your original post on Oh Fransson! about having pieced block A and everything came up 1/8 or 1/4 in short. How did you resolve that? Did you make all your blocks smaller? Did you redo all the blocks? Did you have trouble with the rest of the piecing? I just pieced block A yesterday and everything came up short - I felt that I was so meticulous during the cutting and I'm pretty sure my seam allowance is 1/4 in but clearly I'm doing something wrong. Any suggestions would be great! Seeing your beautiful finished product gives me hope that I can do it!