Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tatted Earrings and MY KEYS!!! Yay!

Dad recently bought a truck that was intended for me to drive, but it needed some work, sooooo, he we finally finished working on it and he gave me a set of keys and I got to drive it yesterday! I LOVE it! It's smaller thatn the suburban, which makes me happy, but bigger than a car, which makes Mom happy! :D Anyways, after carrying around the two keys (one for the door, one for the engine) all day, I decided that I should probably make myself a keychain! I've made some for gifts before, but I like this one best, since it is pink! :D The outside fabric is some polka dotted fabric that I love! The inside fabric is a pink damask that I love even more, especially because it was part of a giveaway I won from Pink Chalk Studios! I can't wait to use it! It fits over my arm so that I can slip it on and still be able to carry stuff if I don't have a pocket to put it in. If anyone wants one, I'm open to custom orders! :D
I also have been busy doing some tatted earrings. I got the pattern for the chandelier-ish ones I online. I can't seem to find the website right now. Anyways, I like them, and they're pretty cute. They are probably 2.5"-3" long.
The ones in the rings I made from my own pattern. The rings are 1.5" in diameter, I think. I made an extra pair, and will be attempting to sell them sometime soon.

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Capturing Today said...

Congrats on the wheels!

Love the tatted earrings - they turned out just lovely! Putting them on Bonanzle?

Glad to see what became of some of the polka dot fabric! What a great idea - I love that the keychain had a large enough loop to put on your arm like that.