Monday, April 7, 2008

Denim Quilt

My first full size quilt! Alright, so it's just a quilt top. Okay, it's not even a whole quilt top, but it will be! I cut up about 5 or 6 old pairs of jeans. (If anyone has jeans they're going to through out, let me know) I made six inch blocks and sewed them together into an almost top. I kept the pockets by the way! :) Soooo, the question is this, do I put a bandana fabric on the back and quilt(that means stitch a design through all the layers) stars an maybe cowboy boots and hats? Or, do I put a pink backing on and quilt flowers on the front? I will not be quilting something in every block. Let me know what you think of those ideas, and if you have any others, let me know.


sourpatch said...

I say do the bandana print and the stars. The denim and the pink don't go. (To everyone else-I'm trying to brake Rachel of the "everything pink" deal)


Rachel said...

That's break, and I DO NOT have everything pink, I just happen to like GIRLY colors! :)

Deb said...

If you are making it to keep,you should do what YOU LIKE, not what anyone else likes. If you are drawn to pink backing and flowers, then go for it.