Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Scarves and pincushions and tissue holders, oh my!

Alrighty, another post that's actually written by Rachel! Yay! I made a pincushion (it's a flower), but I can't find the pattern link right now. It didn't take very long and I made it out of some of my precious scraps from my apron. It's flannel on the bottom. The white thing with rose buds (Looks like strawberries to me, but believe me, it's rose buds) is a cover for a pack of tissues. The blue fuzzy thing is a scarf, I couldn't get a full picture of it, I got that eyelash (fuzzy stuff) yarn for $.50 at a garage sale. I also got the blue baby yarn for the same price. I LOVE garage sales! Up next: eye glass case for dad and some more drooling over quilts others have made. :)


sourpatch said...

Love the title. You have nice pictures, too. I like the pincushion the best, just my opinion. How are you going to make an eyeglass case??


MSM said...

I also like the pincushion best, but the tissue holder is cool too. : )