Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Denim Quilt Top

I finished my quilt top! And yes, those are real, working pockets! Now, if I can just decide what to back it with, and how to quilt it! Argghhhh, I'm so indecisive! I'm standing up holding it, and with the bottom touching the floor, the quilt is about 5.5 feet tall! It's really only a lap quilt, but it's big!
If I stitch fast enough, does it count as aerobic exercise? ~Author Unknown


Jessica B. said...

What about a pink paisley?

If you can find it, I think that would keep the "western" feel of the bandana fabric and still have a girly feel.

If you were feeling really ambitious, I think it would be cute to quilt it with little simple outline shapes of pocket shapes and jeans shapes.

Brooklyn said...

Hey Rachel, I know you LOVE pink! What she^^^ said sounds good. But, a bandana fabric would be cute too.

sourpatch said...

I think the pink paisley or the red bandana fabric would be great. The red just might have a more westerny feel to it though. But, knowing you, pink is probably what it will be in.... :)


MSM said...

NOOOO red. Too hard, too boyish.

Think comfort, think soft; think Rachel.

MSM said...

Oh, and think Zachary: put money in the real pockets. . .

Brooklyn said...

If you're gonna give it to Zachery, do red. If it's for you, do pink.

MSM said...

Or, if you were gifting it to me, I'd like a baby blue / pale backing. I'd still like money in the pockets, also.

SouthronBidCaller said...

If for Zachary--red no doubt.

Pink for you, and we won't pout!

The consensus, now, has vote here,

And for Rachel's quilt we give

three cheers!

You go girl!