Monday, February 7, 2011

Vogue 2960

I found this fabulous brown suede-ish fabric at Wally World for $5 for the whole bolt (5 yards on a bolt)! So I decided on Vogue 2960 since I thought that the wrinkles in the fabric would work well with the under-bust gathers.
I don't know what our Hancocks problem is, but they seem to always have a shortage of the Vogue patterns in the smaller sizes! AGH! So I had to cut a size that was 3-4 sizes to big. So I definitely ran into some issues there. I also cut the back up a lot higher. I don't have a picture of it, cause it didn't turn out too interesting. Just a slight scoop neck. I also took out the buttons in the front, as it was just going to be too much for this dress!
The waist looks a lot better on. I ended up making a sash and a flower for my hair out of some blue taffeta I got off the clearance rack. :D
It is fully lined to give it some extra body. I ended up lining it with a dark pink sheet I got from target for a few dollars. It makes me happy just knowing that color is there. haha!
I'm pretty happy with it. I feel pretty when I wear it. There are a few details I would change if I did it over again, but I think a lot of the issues were from sizing down the pattern. Which I'm not really that great at. I would like to make it again sometime, but buy the right size first!

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