Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sizing standards…and the lack thereof

     Just got done shopping for some jeans. I have NEVER been so frustrated in my ENTIRE life! There is no industry standard for woman’s clothing at all. Most especially in jeans. I have found that a size 8 in one style is the same as a size 13 in another. Which is insane! I ended up buying size 13 jeans! And they are still the tiniest touch too small still. I, however, draw the lines at 13. I am not drastically overweight by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve got a 30” waist and 37” hips for goodness sakes! I should not have to buy size 13! But alas, that is the way the sizes work.

      Somebody seriously needs to come up with some industry standards for jeans. For all women’s clothes really!  Why do guys get to have their measurements in inches and we don’t?

:steps off soapbox: Thanks for listening (reading). :)

P.S. I was gonna put a picture of jeans on here…but it was extremely difficult to find one that was decent…and thus a pictureless post. :)

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