Friday, April 17, 2009

Driver's license! Yay!

I got my license today! The DMV station we went to was suppossed to have the easiest test, and boy, they weren't kidding! The had me basically drive around the block! It was ridiculus, but that's fine with me! I got to drive to the sewing meeting today with Elana. I've decided she's a bit of a stick in the mud! "No talking!", "No singing!", "No radio!" That's okay though. It was kind of fun though, and I'm sure I'll get more used to it! :D
On the crafting front, I got some vintage patterns from an antique shop for $3 apiece! I got a couple of them, one of them is a sundress that I can't wait to make. I'm not sure what color to do though. Which reminds me, I don't think I ever posted pics of my first dress! Oh, I'll have to do that!
We're participating in Arlington in April which is a festival around here that they sell handmade goodies at. The 4-H wildlife team is setting up a booth and we are going to do full face painting and sell some bluebird boxes that we made and are going to paint, and some wooden bookmarks that I'm really excited about! They are cut from beech wood, and are soooo pretty! :D
I'm also going to make some clothespin dolls. I'll try to take a pic of them before the festival. If they don't sell there, I'll post them in either my bonanzle booth or my etsy shop which I'll have to reopen. Oh, I might list some bookmarks as well! Anyways, I'm hoping to get to go to Hobby Lobby here in a minute to get some supplies for the dolls.

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