Sunday, April 26, 2009

Clothespin Dolls

Hey Everyone! I know I've been absent lately, and I'm sorry! Fortunately, the craftyness hasn't stopped and I have some things to post about! One of my recent favorite projects are some little clothespin dolls. I originally made these to sell at a local festival for a fundraiser for 4-H. We didn't sell a lot, but we did do a lot of face painting. So, I've got 11 of the 12 dolls I made left!  :D So, I thought I'd post them here, and get your opinion on them, and let you know that I have a couple of them listed on bonanzle: Nathan and I also made some wooden bookmarks that are really cool. Well, okay, he made them, but it was kinda my idea in the first place, and I helped him with some of the designs. :D They turned out really neat! They are cut from beech wood and are absouletly gorgeous! Not to mention the 15 bluebird boxes we cut and helped paint to sell. I can't believe more people didn't buy them! They looked really good, and we were selling them for only $10!

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MSM said...

What, no pictures of the bookmarks and bluebird boxes?

I'm impressed with your craftiness!

Glad to hear from you again; what in the world is Elana up to?