Monday, February 2, 2009

Peasant Blouse

So I stil haven't uploaded pictures (or even taken the pics for that matter) of the paper cuts that I did, but did manage to draft a pattern for a peasant shirt and sew it. It needed a little something else, so I decided to add a shiny bow/belt. The neckline is suppossed to be round, but it turned out kind of square which is okay with me. It looks better on me in person! These pics kind of make me look like a sack of potatos. And yes, those are my paint pants. We are trying to get a bunch of rooms painted. The tutorial for making your own pattern is here: It's a pdf. There is some questionable language in it, nothing too terribly bad I don't think, just words that I wouldn't say. Let me know what you think!
P.S. I need to remember not to tie the belt too tight, as it's hard to breath with it too tight! :D


MSM said...

Good job; love the purple!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! And thanks for the link, I can't find my peasant blouse, and I think after seeing this, I may go ahead and try it.