Thursday, February 19, 2009

It CAME!!!!

I ordered a vintage 50s dress pattern from ebay last week, and was anxious to get it. It came on Friday (last week, yes I do procrastinate! :D). Somehow, I managed to talk my Grandma into taking me to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric!! She is always dressed nicely, and picks out good clothes, usually! :o) I learned one very important thing, do NOT ask the fabric cutting lady what she thinks of your fabric! ;) For some reason, I asked, and she said, "Well, I guess it's a matter of taste." Ughhh!!! It's pink, and it is pretty bright, but it's not any different than wearing a red dress. And I can wear a sweater over it when it's done. The fabric has some cream and black swirls. I got some really cute cream buttons to match, and can probably wear a black belt with it. Anyways, the pattern (which I copied on to tissue paper) said to do bound buttonholes, or to hand sew them later. So, I decided to do bound buttonholes, which are working out pretty well. I still have to do like 10 more, so I'll let you know. I did have some fitting issues. The pattern was supposed to be to small in the bust, but it was too big. I had to do a major adjustmant of the darts. After that, I was excited because it looked pretty good. I stitched the back to the front and it fit at the top, but didn't fit at the waist by like 4"!!!! That was really frustrating! I ended up taking the back darts out, and adding triangular shaped pieces to the side seam. I don't think they are very noticeable. I might have enough room to put smaller darts in the back though. The skirt is pleated, versus gathered, which makes me pretty happy, since pleating doesn't poof straight out as much. It also has a pocket!!! I LOVE pockets! I can't wait until it's done, it is definetly the hardest thing I've ever sewn. It's good experience though!


Des said...

Hey Rachel!! Cool vintage pattern!! Need some charm squares to go with that?? Hope so, because you just won our drawing today. Take a look at the offerings and let Corrie know which one you'd like.

Pam said...

Hi Rachel, I was out of town all last week and when I got home this afternoon, I had a wonderful surprise! Three of my four fat quarters have arrived from the SewMamaSew fat quarter swap. Thanks so much, I love it. Your blog is great and your skills are great. Take care and thanks again!