Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reduced Price Silhouettes

Hey Everyone,
Since the silhouettes weren't selling (or maybe I'm just impatient!:)), I decided to reduce the price from $30 to $20. Hopefully I can start selling some, since I would like to save up for a truck. And yes, I want a truck! :) I have been doing some paper cutting, that I'll try to post tomorrow, or maybe later today.

P.S. My bonanzle booth is here:

1 comment:

MSM said...

The products you offer are good quality and cute; you have a lot of variety and fair prices - - I think it will just take time to be found and known and for the right buyer to be looking at your stuff at the right time.
Maybe more inventory? Buy from others and get feedback?

Hope you can get your truck! That'll be fun; you'll find a way to accumulate the funds. :)