Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Patchwork Bias Tape!!!

I couldn't hardly sleep last night, since I was thinking about what I could make to sell and what I could make for myself. So, I made some patchwork bias tape! I think it came out really cool! I made a tissue holder from some of it. I scorched the corners, so I can't sell it, but it's still perfectly usable. I listed the bias tape as well as a quite a few other things in my Etsy shop. There should be some more shop updates coming soon.


MSM said...

NOW this is creative. I love the patchwork bias tape; how did you make it? And how cool to just 'whip together' a little tissue holder to use it!

The bias tape part of quilt-making is our most dreaded; it must be easy for you to use it.

People on your Christmas list are very lucky!

Eve said...

What a clever idea. I love that patchwork bias tape and the finihsed little tissue holder.

That would be beautuful on a black pillow or around a hem on a blouse or at the neck or sleeves hems. I have to go see if you have any more left.