Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Forestry Regional and upcoming sewing projects

So, we had the 4-H Forestry regional competition. And..... we placed 1st!! I also placed 1st with my individual score. They messed up the scores, though. They didn't count all the points. They drop the lowest score in each category if you have a 4 man team. We had 4 people, so they were dropping the lowest score. One of the team members scored lower than the rest of us in almost everything. He had a perfect score in compassing. They had his score written down as 56. We were all shocked that his score would be that low. Upon further inspection, that was the amount of his score that was contributed to our team score. His actual individual score is 116!! Perfect is 170. 116 is really good. They messed Brooklyn's up to. Three of us had the same compassing score, and since her name was at the top of the scorecard, they dropped her score. That cheated her out of 47.5 points! I had 149.5. She should have been second high scorer. It's really ridiculus.

Today, I went on a shopping excurision with some friends of mine. First we headed to JcPenny's to get some kahkis for Mikey, and then we went to Hancocks!!!! Yay! I've been craving some new fabric, so this was a much needed trip. I got some fabrics for some projects I'm planning. Mrs. "W" got me a whole yard of some fabric that I absouletly LOVE! She also got me some flannel for baby blankets to crochet an edge around. (Thanks so much!!) I will be listing those in my etsy as soon as I finish them. So, I've got a lot of plans for my etsy shop. Including patchwork bias tape. I got some really cool fabric, and can't wait to start working on something! I'll try to post pictures of something as soon as I finish. Then we went to Mikey's soccer practice and out to eat afterwards. Thanks for feeding me! Again!

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