Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dessert Inspiration

     Some desserts to cool you off as the weather gets warmer!

cookie 1

Turtle Brownie Ice Cream Dessert


Mud Slide Ice-Cream Cake


"Healthified" Turtle Ice Cream Cake


Southronkitty said...

Hmm! They Look so good!

The turle cake is mouth watering!

I heard you got a cat! What type?
Female or male?

Rachel said...

I know! I'd like to make everything on there!
We did get a kitty. We got him from the shelter, so they don't know what kind he is. He's a male, but he's been fixed. He's gray and shorthaired. He's so sweet though! Kind of fiesty too. We named him Yoda, like on Star Wars. He flattens his ears when we scratch him under the chin.
How are your cats doing?

Southronkitty said...

They're doing good!
My cats are trying to beat the heat!
I've got 2 snowshoe kittens ready for their new homes.

Yoda sounds like a sweet cat!
Could you email or post some pictures of him?
Is he an indoor or outdoor cat?