Friday, March 4, 2011

Sewing Nook Inspiration

I have decided that spring break is a perfect time to redo my sewing nook. It is connected to my room and is where I do all my creating. Here is what I want to do:

1.) Create a desk similar to this one. Mine will probably be in a L-shape. Mine will also be wider, and will probably have a file cabinet under one side and a shelf of some sort along the other. I might also secure the back against the wall using  bracket of some sort. My grandma has the doors and shelves, so all I need to get is a file cabinet, and I just found one on craigslist for $8! I’m thinking about painting the table a teal/aqua color…


image from YoungHouseLove

Tutorial here

2.) Paint the walls. I am wanting to stripe the walls using the same color as my main room along with another slightly darker color. I want this room to be fun! This tutorial is also from Young House Love. LOVE their stuff!  It looks to be fairly straightforward.


image from Young House Love

Tutorial here

3.) I am also working on some watercolors of dresses to hang on the wall. Kind of like this:


image from Young House Love

4. ) My grandma has an old window frame that I might incorporate in some way. I might do something like the picture, or I might just paint it and hang it  on the wall.


image from Remodalholic

I’ve got some other ideas, but I guess that’s it for now!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your ideas! You are a fantasticly creative person!