Monday, March 16, 2009

Pink hearts! and mushrooms!

     I think I posted about this, but I recently won a couple of giveaways. This is one of them. Pink Chalk Studios was giving them away! {sigh of contentment} I LOVE the damask and the mushrooms! Yay! Just found out that the mushroom fabric is Alexander Henry. I may have to order somem more of that! :D Have you seen some of his other fabric? Oohhh.
    I finally finished that dress. It took about 30 hours! Yikes! I did have some issues with the darts and stuff. But it has two pockets, so it's all worth it! :D I got some pictures of it, but they aren't very good, and things have changed since then. Soooooo, I will try to get some pictures soon.

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