Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well, I've been pretty busy here lately. I'm working on another amigurumi for another friend. I finally figured out what to make him. It's a surprise, so I'll post pictures of it after I give it to him. I also made a fabric basket from the tutorial here: pink penguin fabric basket tutorial. It turned out pretty cute. I'll try to post pictures sometime soon.

Other than that, I've been working on forestry and we started a new engineering group. Oh, we went to Barnes & Noble looking for a school book, so while mom looked for that, I got to look through the sewing/crocheting books! If you haven't ever done that, I highly recommend it! It was so much fun! I definitly have some ideas to possibly order from ebay.

Also, I think I need a denim skirt. I was thinking maybe Simplicty 4188. Really light weight denim. Of course, I could just draft my own pattern. I found a tutorial online (here) That's a pdf so it might take awhile to download. It looks pretty good, and you have to use a tailor's ruler (I think it's a tailor's ruler, nope, I think it's a french curve.) Anyways, that looks like a good tutorial.
Well, we're heading out the door for dinner at my grandma's. I'll try to post the pictures later.

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