Thursday, February 14, 2008

First Post!

All right, first post!

One of my recently completed crochet projects was a cronoline lady! I bought the pattern from Crochet Memories. It was fairly easy to make. I have previously crocheted a valentine lady that had red hearts trimmed in white around the bottom. It was huge (probably a foot across) though, so I tried to make this one smaller. It turned out being about 8.5"x6.75". I like it alot. It would be neat with three of them framed together. It is listed in my etsy store.


MSM said...

This is sooooo cute! (You and your sister are very talented).

Congrats on your new blog; I kept trying to reach it from the first url from sourpatch, and didn't know you'd changed the name.

Cool that you're on Etsy too!

sourpatch said...

Sorry about that, I'll have to fix the link. You've only changed the name ten thousand million trillion times!! :)


jessica r. said...

it's cute